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Schwank Commercial Tube Heaters

Schwank Commercial Tube Heaters…

The New Definition of Energy Efficiency

ultraSchwank is the most efficient tube (low intensity) heater for industrial and commercial applications.

    • Up to 68.4%* radiant efficiency for up to 50% fuel savings.
    • Long flame and more uniform heat reduces convection heat losses and directs more heat to the floor where it is required: the highest comfort achieved.
    • The first tube heater designed with an insulated reflector system. Captures convection heat and increases tube and inner reflector surface temperatures for superior heat retentions and greater comfort at lower air temperatures.
    • Green technology. Fuel costs and CO2 footprint reduced up to 50%.

Excellent Investment

    • High return on investment and quick payback as lowe as 1 year.
    • Contributes up to 10 out of 30 LEED points (energy and atmosphere category) for new and retrofit commercial projects.

Up to 68.4%* Radiant Efficiency

ultraSchwank has a radiant output up to 50% higher than any conventional system.

    • Lowest fuel cost.
    • Fewer heaters required.
    • Smaller gas pipes.
    • Lower installation cost.

More Comfort for Less

ultraSchwank produces and directs more heat where it is needed, while using up to 50% less BTU/hr than most conventional heating systems.

*Independent lab tested: EN 416-2 standard [net calorific value] UHE 200,000 BTU/hr-60 Ft.

Schwank Tube Heaters - Industrial and Commercial

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