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Schwank Infrared Heaters…

The New Definition of Energy Efficiency

supraSchwank is the heater with the highest efficiency for industrial and commercial applications.

    • supraSchwank offers the highest conversion rate of any IR heater in the market: 81%*

How did Schwank build the highest efficiency heater:
supraSchwank’s fully insulated heater is made of Feran, one of the most reflective materials.

    • Minimizes convection heat losses.
    • Patented Delta Mixing Chamber preheats gas/air combustion mixture for uniform and ultra efficient heat delivery to work level.
    • Cleantech. Fuel costs and CO2 emissions reduced up to 65%.

Excellent Investment

supraSchwank is so efficient that it pays for itself

    • Quick payback and high return on investment.
    • Contributes up to 10 out of 30 LEED points [energy and atmosphere category] for new and retrofit commercial projects.

81% Radiant Efficiency*

    • Lowest operating cost, fewer heaters required and lower gas pipe cost.
    • The only heater which can provide heat from ceilings up to 200 feet high: more comfort directed to workplace.
    • Clean and efficient: supraSchwank offers ultimate safety and fuel savings.

More Comfort for Less

supraSchwank produces and directs more heat where where it is needed, while using up to 65% less BTU/hr than most conventional heating systems.
The only infrared heater with up to 65% energy savings. *certified by CSA International according to the ANSI Z83.19b standard [supraSchwank 30] and EN 419-2

Schwank Infrared Heater

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