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Everyone has a different style. Every home has a different need. And there are literally hundreds of hearth choices. So, to help you make the right choice for you and your home, we’ll guide you through the basics of what to consider.

The look and presentation of the hearth are determined by a combination of several features. When choosing a product, the following is what you will typically encounter.

Log set (gas only)

Designed to emulate the detailed look of burning stacked wood, log sets are typically made of ceramic material that is hand painted for realism. The appearance, detailing and realism of a log set vary from product to product.

Burner (gas only)

The pan burner is the system that runs under the log set and creates the flame and the glow of the ember bed. The quality and appearance of the flame and ember bed vary depending on the burner technology.

Flame control (gas only)

Many gas fireplaces allow you to adjust the height and intensity of the flame—either manually or by remote control.

Firebox/brick liners

The interior walls of Lennox® fireplaces feature a variety of brick patterns, i.e., Traditional, Herringbone, etc. Made of ceramic material and painted to emulate the look of brick or masonry, each design creates a distinctive look and feel to the overall presentation.


This feature has both form and function. Louvers are slanted grilles above and/or below the firebox opening and help circulate heated air into the room. Louvers have a characteristic effect on the exterior look of the fireplace.


Fireplaces without louvers are typically decorative because they do not circulate heat into the room. Instead, the exterior of the fireplace is simple and clean looking, and often features a larger viewing area. Please contact us for more information.

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Lennox Catalytic Vent Free Fireplace

Lennox Elite Multiview

Lennox Montebello Fireplace

Lennox SLBV Fireplace

The Lennox Spectra Fireplace

The Lennox Superior BC BR Fireplace

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