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Schwank Outdoor Infrared Heaters

Schwank Outdoor Infrared Heaters…

Setting the Industry Standard

An ‘invisible’ heater safe and ideal to maximize the capacity of your patio.

    • Increase your profits: customers stay longer and your season is extended.
    • ‘No space’ low cost installation. Facilitates out-of-the-way installations.
    • Aesthetic ‘invisibility’. Black emissive coating suits any decor and makes the heater blend in.
    • Improved comfort for you customers with lower fuel costs.
    • Free layout and design assistance.

Excellent Investment

The most durable heater of its kind; sturdy stainless steel enclosure and weather resistant housing.

More Comfort with Low Fuel Costs

Insulated cabinet traps convection heat to create additional infrared output. High rediant factor burner yields approximately 37% more rediant heat output than typical patio heaters.

Maximize your Patio Area

Balanced suspension points coupled with multiple suspension hardware options allow for a discreet and non-intrusive installation.

Safest Patio Heater

    • Remote ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’.
    • The perfect overhead mounted solution for wide-open patios, ‘tight spots’ and even under canopies.
    • Unlike portable heaters, these heaters are not with reach of customers and employees.

Schwank Outdoor Infrared Heater

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