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Uncomfortable? Honeywell’s breakthrough TrueSTEAM humidification system can ensure that your home and family are getting the right amount of moisture.

Your home is a lot like your body. It needs to stay properly hydrated in order to maintain the health and comfort of those living in it. Air that is too dry can act like a giant sponge, soaking moisture up from everything that it touches in your home — your woodwork, wood floors and furnishings — not to mention symptoms of dry skin, chapped lips, dry nasal passages and static electricity. No doubt about it, dry air can take a toll on your family and your home.

Is TrueSTEAM Right For You?

Use this list below to find out.

TrueSTEAM is highly recommended if those living in your home ever experience:

    • Dry skin.
    • Dry nasal passages.
    • Dry or scratchy throat.
    • Chapped lips.
    • Unpleasant shocks from carpet or electronics.
    • Static cling.

Or, if your home has:

    • Hardwood flooring.
    • Wood furnishings.
    • Paintings or artwork.
    • Musical instruments.
    • Uncomfortable temperatures in the winter months.
    • High utility bills.

TrueSTEAM - Out of sight - Out of mind
TrueSTEAM Humidifier

Perhaps the best part about TrueSTEAM is that it is installed out-of-sight by your heating and cooling professional into your home’s central heating and cooling system. It is hooked up to a water supply where it automatically produces its own steam humidification into your ductwork, which is then distributed throughout all rooms in your home. You can also forget about having to fill clunky, portable units, because TrueSTEAM automatically fills itself. And the water tank requires minimal maintenance — simply clean once a year with soap and water, and the rest of the time it cleans itself automatically.

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