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Engineered For Quiet Operation

The Heil® QuietComfort™ DX 1300 is built with premium components for quiet performance. There’s a sound blanket to minimize compressor noise, and the two-speed fan motor operates most of the time at the quieter, lower speed. The unit’s aerodynamic air discharge design also reduces operating sound. This air conditioner is designed to sound just as beautiful as it looks!

Dependable Today And Tomorrow

Every Heil air conditioner is designed to deliver years of dependable service. The cabinet is exceptionally durable, thanks to its corrosion-resistant, appliance-grade paint. The filter dryer removes moisture from the refrigerant and safeguards the long-term reliability of the refrigeration system.

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Quiet Comfort DX1300 Air Conditioner


    • a. Humidifier enhances comfort by reducing dryness in the air.
    • b. Air Cleaner filters out many indoor air pollutants so the air in your home is cleaner.
    • c. Set-Back Thermostat allows you to customize heating and cooling levels and also save energy.
    • d. Furnace is designed for maximum comfort and high efficiency and built rugged for years of operation.
    • e. Air Conditioner keeps your home cool and comfortable while saving on energy.
    • f. Evaporator/Indoor Coil, to match your Heil air conditioner and furnace, assures you of optimum performance.
    • g. UV Lights help prevent the growth of microbes on the coils.


Quiet Comfort DX1300 Air Conditioner

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